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Deficiency Creates Deficiencies

Pramod Stephen*
Innovator, Christian Church P.O. Sugauli 845456, Bihar, India

Since 1920 after the discovery of insulin we are using insulin as a substitute but we never think or try to discover what is the cause of insulin deficiency? Why our pancreas not secret enough insulin or gets ill and affected? As we know that our body builds by many substances, if any substance is not enough in our body then we get ill or trouble. If we will take example for vitamin A+D then, I found that after given Vitamin A+D the night blindness disappear but after sometime it relapse again then I thought why it is relapse .According to my normal idea the body of man is not able to absorb vitamin A+D and same kind of deficiency occur again and again. Same kind of method apply in insulin deficiency. In insulin deficiency we give insulin orally or by injections and insulin deficiency disappear but it is for time being not for long time. I think on this matter and after consulting Human, Animal Physiology Books, I found that Sulphur, Bile salt, Lactic acid, chromium and phosphors is responsible for insulin secretion.

Sign and symptom of deficiency in human body.

  • • Sulfur (Cysteine) Burning sensation in sole and palm, dry itching in body d late healing of ulcer joint pain.
  • • Bile salt: Stunted or abnormal growth, Diarrhea Mal absorption of vitamin A, D, E, K and other substance also.
  • • Lactic Acid: Milk not digests and get diarrhea.
  • • Chromium:-getting tired easily, weight loss and confusion, impaired glucose tolerance.
  • • Phosphorous: Normally we know that phosphorus is essential for bone, but it has more function Phosphorous is necessary for the growth of cells, phosphorous is a mobilizes of fat and starch energy. It has a vital roll in normal metabolism.

In my finding, these substances are also responsible for Insulin secretion. Knowledge is not to treat a disease, But it is by which the disease itself does not come.

  • *Corresponding author: Promod Stephen, Innovator, Christian Church P.O. Sugauli 845456, East Champaran Bihar, India, Tel: +91-9199646455; E-mail:
  • Received October 26, 2015; Accepted October 28, 2015; Published November 05, 2015
  • Citation: Stephen P (2015) Deficiency Creates Deficiencies. Endocrinol Metab Syndr 4: 198. doi:10.4172/2161-1017.1000198
  • Copyright: © 2015 Stephen P. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

Diabetes Open

Opinion Article

One Cause of Metabolic Disorders

Pramod Stephen*

Independent Health, Wellness and Fitness Professional, L.N.D. College Motihar, India

*Corresponding Author:

Dr. Pramod Stephen

Independent Health, Wellness and Fitness Professional

L.N.D. College Motihar, India

*Received Date:

November 13, 2015;

Accepted Date:

November 20, 2015

Published Date:

November 30, 2015


Stephen P (2015) One Cause of Metabolic Disorders. Diabt opn 1:10444.


© 2015 Stephen P. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.


In old age there is no diabetes, obesity, cancer, thyroid and other kind of metabolic disorder diseases. Because that time our land had natural manure clean air water and environment that time all human, animals, birds, and aquatic creature depend only on nature. but slowly after the development of culture technology , thought ,and machine our environment ,land ,water ,get polluted and by this reason all leaving creature body gets polluted we see in the world that many kinds of plants disappear many kinds of tree gets dry after 5 to 50 years. Many birds, animal aquatic creature disappear from the area. for example we can take orchid( flowers develop on the tree) its need clean environment ,if the environment is not clean that time it will not survives all eagle disappear fox, jackal are not looking in the area . The population of human is too much increasing so, we need more production and we need hybrid seed, fertilizer, and early growth of our naturalcrops.


The affect of hybrid it’s also the human health and by the hybrid cropsmechanism,we making hy metabolism and mental position gets disturb. Now days, every living creature need medicine, or chemicals For survive this reason we also need to change our habits ,Because more than 200 years we use insulin as a substitute in the form of tablets or injections but the conditions goes worse to wrested .and day by metabolic disorders sign and symptom arise. Why? Because we not found the real cause of metabolic disorders and we search in the chemicals and substitutes. We need hyper tonic for needy a person who has deficiency but we using it to our children to grow more and look more healthy .by its side affect in future its develop many kind of infirmity and metabolic disorders.


I am self reader and innovator by reading and doing practicals. I got new2 things Dr. Pavan Kumar Head of (Hindi Department) Harishanker Vema Inter College Ramghrva also recommend me for Aatmaram Puruskar organized by Kendriya Hindi Sansthan Agra. I got appreciation letter by Connie Hargrave M.A. Researcher Canada. Juvenile Diabetes Cure Alliance America also approves & appreciated my Diabetes Cure Process Method. As a dairyman I have prepared a low cost animal feed, I have been using it for more than 15 years and found it very useful for the cow, buffalo, fish etc. certified by National Dairy research center, Karnal, Haryana. I got Shristi Samman by National Innovation Foundation Ahmadabad. I have also prepared a human medicine by useless substance bile juice by bird, animal and aquatic creature. I found it is very useful for human and found it useful too. I have prepared mother tincture and have filed it patent also my patent no. 834/KOL/2007.

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