I was suffering with diabetes from 1992.After listening to the advice of Pramod Stephen, I started to chew nicely the food and I felt a change in myself, which I am writing in following manner. 1. My stomach is very clean in morning. 2. There was a great change in diabetes. It was from 240 to 360.Bow it is from 140 to 160. 3. Before I started to chew nicely food urine used to come out in very slow manner. But after that IT comes out in one time and it does not take much time as before. 4 .I used to feel very laziness during day time, but I don’t feel like before. 5 .Earlier I got tired after walking for just a half km, but now I can walk for more than three k .ms but yet I do not get tired. Above all things written I have not written under any pressure .This is true that by chewing the food nicely before swallowing is very helpful .Most of the disorder occur through stomach .Therefore is our stomach is good then we will also be healthy.
Sohail Ahmed Senior Section Engineer
Railway Engineering Department Sugauli Bihar

I Asha Rani Lal was suffering with a disease in which my blood does not get clotted from 28 long yrs .The blood would come out with such tremendensity that it would reach to a height from one and half feet to two feet. I had almost 90 tablets of Vitamin K. but the disease was same as before .At last by having 3 dose of medicine invented in 1998 by Mr .Pramod Stephen I was completely cured .also the deficiency of blood was also cured .I did not have any tablets of Vitamin K after that and I am also fit till now .The blood clotting has started to form.
Asha Rani Lal Teacher govt. Primary School, Sugali bazaar, East champaran, Bihar.

I Chandra bhanu Singh s/o late Rudra Narayan Singh of Bangra village Sugauli East Champaran ,had for the first time blood test and found that his sugar level has increased to179.He started to take English medicines .After that by taking advices of elders he took aurvedic medicines .before going into test he would get tired quickly .He would face problem in reading and writing .He could not sit on his knees cause whenever he sat on his feet then his legs would start paining .In December 2010 he started to follow up things said by Dr. Pramod Stephen. Whatever problem I Used to have has disappear now .When I had my last medical test then I found that my sugar level is under control .Now days I do not take any medicines but I am well .I take only light food.
Chandra bhanu Singh 13.5.10
I mina Kumari (chauhan),age-35 ,add. D-27 Dashratpuri,palam road,New Delhi. I had tremendous pain in my right leg from last 5 or 7 months. When I had the medicine made by Dr. Pramod Stephen my pain disappeared for 5 months .The pain has come back again last month .I want to take this medicine in complete dose .I got healthier by this medicine.
Mina Chauhan 19.6.07

Harendra Kushwaha 18.5.13 
I Harendra Kushwaha,aged-55 ,add. Kushwaha Nagar, Balua Tal, Motihari, BIHAR. I have read this book that finalised my search for any kind of book that solve my sugar problem without any medicine. I heartly thankful to writer of book for this kind of useful processes. This is not a Book it is MANTRA.


I have no diabetes while applying this method in my daily rutine I am getting dramatic change in my hair are getting black
Pramod Stephen(Author) Siristi Sanman & Champaran Rattan Awardees

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